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With your Jobs analogy your basically agreeing with this article.

No Jobs didnt invent the idea, been around for ages. Just like the idea of a smart phone had been around for ages. These things where known how to be made, not new. So then why did apple conquer all? Because Jobs could see past just the tech and could recognize the human connection so much better than others. He knew how to make interfaces not suck and what elements we actually care about. The countless people before him didnt put enough worth in these things and werent willing to put the resources in to make something like iOS. Jobs could think in the technical and the human element. You dont learn that doing an it course, well actually now you might, but its thanks to people like him. Thinking past just the obvious aspects of you work area is what will make your product appealing above your competition and it takes a creative brain to do that. IBM where/are the most technically best at what they did/do and how are they going lately?

You dont think teaching more art would help? Art (to me) is about being able to express/evoke emotion through a physical mean. It teachs you to recognize these connections. The more you explore them the more chance you can make your thing more appealing to joe blow. Without that youll make something technically brilliant, that no one wants to use. The internet and computers are filled with thousands of examples. One fav is twitter. Does what sooooo many other things do with one exception, the character limit. And with that one difference they created something alot of people want to use. Once again, seeing past the technical and seeing the human element….were lazy and easily distracted. In the very near future there are going to be HEAPS of coders and we arent going to need them all (the more coders there are the less you need over time coz everythings done already). The ones that truly will succeed and have the ability to not become a drone will be the creative. Ive personally solved coding problems for people just out of university. Ive had NO schooling and have a SHOCKING memory and other learning difficulties but could solve their problems. Ive always put it down to my creative brain capable of seeing past the obvious. They knew more than me, but I know how to use what I know better.