Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Yay, weekend!

This year I’m volnteering as an assistant troop leader for the girl scouts. Tonight is the season kick-off overnighter, where the girls get to know one another and plan what they would like to do this year. I’ll be picking up dinner for myself and my fellow troop leader, and she’ll probably give me cash for her half, so maybe $8. I also will be picking up a snack to share, probably some veggies and dip, let’s budget another $8 there.

Tomorrow evening I’m invited to a cookout with friends. My attendance will be determined by how much I do or do not sleep tonight, but if I go, I’ll bring beer or something, $10.

Sunday I’m taking boudoir photos for a friend. She wants to give them to her fiance as a wedding present, and they’re a secret, so I have to sneak in, take photos, and sneak out while her fella is out to lunch with a friend. She approached me as a paying customer, but I hate charging friends for photo work, and this is also a style of work I don’t have much experience doing, so I’m going to tell her it’s a gift. This will also maybe save me from having to buy aditional giftage for either her shower or wedding, if they turn out ok.

Total: $26

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