What are 4,4 Bonds and How do they work?

We have recently launched 4,4 Bonding and in this article we’ll look at what 4,4 is, how it works, how you can start utilizing it and why to choose PAPA DAO.

How it all started

3,3 was brought to life by Olympus DAO as an experiment into Game Theory aka the most efficient method to generate profits using OHM and as we all know it rapidly gained popularity within the crypto community. Famous investors such as Kevin Rose , Chris Sacca , and Tim Ferriss mentioned 3,3 in their tweets and Mark Cuban according to his wallet invested in OHM . The Key to win this game is getting the greatest possible result. Using the chart below, you may determine your results based on what you do.

As you can see, the basic Model of Game Theory has two Players with three possible outcomes:

● Stake (Buy)

● Bond

● Sell

Staking raises the price +2. The consequence of selling is to lower the price -2. Half of the benefit goes to the player who moves the price. Bonding has no pricing effect, however it does give a discount of 1.

Source: Olympus DAO

4,4 a new Era

Hector Dao has actually found a way to beat 3,3 by using 4,4, this beats 3,3 by the rules we established earlier. Previously, one had to wait until a part of the bond was vested to stake the rewards of the bond. The differentiating feature is that 4,4 bonds auto stake without the need to claim it before. This combines bonding and staking and earns you more interest. PAPA DAO has now implemented 4,4 bonds too and we are the first project to do so on Avalanche.

How does this all work in detail?

3,3 | You buy a bond, for which you receive a previously set Reward in PAPA. You can start claiming once a part of the bond is vested and have the ability to stake this Reward, which starts earning interest when you start staking.

4,4 | You buy a bond and receive sPAPA instead of PAPA, which basically means whether you claim and stake it or not is irrelevant since the sPAPA are already staking automatically earning extra interest for you.

How do I buy a 4,4 bond in 3 easy steps?

It’s actually quite straightforward to buy a 4,4 bond and there isn’t really much difference compared to buying a 1,1 Bond.

Step 1: Open PAPA DAO’s website and click on the bond tab.

Step 2: Choose which bond asset you would like to purchase.

Step 3: If you want buy an LP Bond make sure that you have the LP token. To get the LP token, go to TraderJoe> liquidity>choose a liquidity pair> provide liquidity.

At the moment, PAPA DAO offers MIM Bonds and PAPA-MIM LP Bonds.

Why choose PAPA DAO?

PAPA DAO mission is to back Metaverse and Blockchain Gaming Projects with its treasury. By merging the innovative ideas of a decentralized reserve protocol and the Metaverse, we believe we are set up for success and great things in the future. Read further on our goals and Roadmap.

In Conclusion

4,4 bonding earns more interest since it makes it possible to bond and stake at the same time, with bond rewards being paid out as sPAPA. Come to PAPA.

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PAPA DAO is decentralized reserve currency protocol on the Avalanche Network based on the PAPA token. PAPA token is the currency of the metaverse.

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PAPA DAO is decentralized reserve currency protocol on the Avalanche Network based on the PAPA token. PAPA token is the currency of the metaverse.

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