Dear Paparazzi Community,

This is the final release that will be done through the Paparazzi channel. With a relaunch scheduled by the end of November, all official channels and communities of Paparazzi will be closed. New official communities and social channels will be open by the new management team.

Brand Redesign & Relaunch

The new website will be open to the public by November 27th. Communities for the re-branded project will be open from the 20th of November. Our first community AMA with the CEO will take place on the 20th.

Application Beta Release

Users will have access to the…

Dear Paparazzi Community,

We are quite excited about the new management’s arrival. There are several key concerns from the community that the management would like to address in the next coming weeks. The re-branding is still in process, and the team is expecting a major relaunch by the end of November.

Eugene Kang, the new CEO

The rebranded project will be led by the current CEO of Synergy Media, Eugene Kang. Synergy Media has been pioneering the animation industry since 2002. Eugene has extensive experience with content development, production, distribution, licensing and merchandising. …

Dear Paparazzi Community,

This is an official address from Mining Mouse, inc’s board. the management entity of the Paparazzi project. The Paparazzi project and Mining Mouse, inc. has been managed by Sungmin Yoon and his team with the assistance from Axis Labs in blockchain development. In the recent weeks and months, performance and progress of the Paparazzi project has been disappointing to the board and primary investors of the project. With increasing dissatisfaction from the community, Mining Mouse, inc. has decided to appoint a new CEO for the corporate management.

With our newly appointed CEO, Paparazzi project will also have…

Dear Paparazzi Community,

In late September, our team has announced a quarterly update addressing the key questions regarding Paparazzi's development and progress. This month, Paparazzi team had two partnerships for cross-chain integration. First, we have partnered with Tomochain for TomoDEX integration. Second, we have partnered JustLiquidity for Binance Smart Chain Integration. Today, we would to like to provide a preview for Vitae and share a news for our application beta.

Paparazzi Web Application coming in November

Paparazzi's development team is working hard for the beta release. With many more functions to be developed, we are proud to announce that the development team will release the responsive…

Dear Paparazzi Community,

In response to the KuCoin’s security incident, as disclosed to the community, PAZZI tokens are reissued on Etherscan. As soon as the incident took place, PAZZI team has blocked all on-chain transfers to prevent the hacker from distributing the tokens to the market.

We have reissued our tokens under the token name of: PAZZI-N

We are consistently working with exchanges and platforms to update the contract address to enable automated swaps for holders on the platforms. We will also inform the community on swapping process if there are tokens held on other wallets such as Metamask.

Dear Paparazzi Community,

To better communicate with the community on our progress as a platform, we will now commit to provide monthly updates via Medium. Please also feel free to follow Paparazzi on Twitter and Telegram for faster communication.

Exchange Listing

Dear Paparazzi Community,

Our most recent update on the circulation of the token supply was roughly 24 million. However, due to increasing questions about the exact circulation, the team has went through to calculate the exact circulating supply for the community.

Recently Paparazzi team conducted a major burn of 1.8275 billion PAZZI tokens. Click here to access the burn transaction made by the team. The total supply decreased to 172.5 million PAZZI tokens. These tokens are a composition of sales & bounty.

Currently we are working with Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko for a live update about the circulating…

Dear Paparazzi community,


At Paparazzi team, a full transparency with our community is at our utmost priority to create a supportive environment for Paparazzi supporters. As previously mentioned, Paparazzi team has announced the plan to burn all tokens that are not used within the application.

Due to recent questions about the major transfers of PAZZI. Please note that there is no additional injection of the circulation since the last update. We have not distributed any tokens for the team, partners, and content mining. To better assure the traders of PAZZI our dedication to transparency, we will be burning 1.8275 billion…

Dear Paparazzi community,

We have successfully launched the DeFi sector of our service: PASSPORT. In the initial phase, Passport will provide users a staking program to earn daily interest for holding PAZZI tokens. You can click here to access the service.

As a celebration to having our first major development update, the Paparazzi management team has decided to conduct another burn program associated with the Passport service.

For all the tokens staked within the program until the 22nd, we will burn the 2x equivalent including the interest amount. …


Dear Paparazzi community,

After the awaited implementation plans of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to the Paparazzi ecosystem, we’re happy to announce “PASSPORT”. Paparazzi team is always dedicated on creating a photo-centric ecosystem, where users can access multiple services from different industrial sectors integrated to the Paparazzi ecosystem.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) For the past months, we have been dedicated time in development of the DeFi Sector for the Paparazzi ecosystem — namely PASSPORT. In the initial phase of the PASSPORT service, we will provide a staking program for the users to earn compound interest with their holding PAZZI tokens.


Paparazzi is a photo-centric blockchain-based platform to provide a seamless process of capturing, sharing, and trading a graphic memory.

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