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PAYSURA — International PayReward Coin

One way in which PAYSURA differs most from its competitors is in the flexibility that IPC offers. IPC has the capacity to be used as a customer reward, replacing traditional rewards programs. It can give both customers and merchants what they are asking for — but removing financial liability from
merchants and simultaneously allowing customers to consolidate their loyalty programs and receive financial rewards for all purchases made.

Many competitors that exist in the cryptocurrency space provide very little detail about how they intend to implement their programs, and some of them may in fact be scams. PAYSURA’s unique concept elevates the IPC token from its competitors in the cryptocurrency rewards space as well. The largest competitor is indubitably Rewardstoken.io. With Rewards.com as their parent company, Rewarstoken.io stands to profit greatly from given synergetic effects due to the pre-established partnerships with companies. However, PAYSURA differs significantly in the implementation of the reward, which in the end provides a much higher value for both merchants and customers. The structure of Rewardstoken.io allows participants to hold their tokens in an app, but these are actually stored in central wallets held by Rewardstoken.io. Instead of processing transactions directly, they are collected and processed only a small number of times per day. PAYSURA provides much more flexibility to merchants and customers by allowing them to control their transactions directly. Additionally, Rewardstoken.io …

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The interdisciplinary PAYSURA team is based in Germany consisting of Computer Scientists, Business Administrators, IT Consultants and a Finance and Sales Specialist. All members of the PAYSURA team are passionate about the Blockchain Technology and its use cases.

Umair Zaffar as the CEO and founder of PAYSURA holds a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in IT science from the Technical University Berlin. …

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PAYSURA — International PayReward Coin (IPC)

PAYSURA has decided to use a microservice architecture. Microservices are an architecture pattern of information technology that composes complex application software from independent processes that communicate with each other using language-independent programming interfaces. These independent processes are referred to as microservice, as they are basically a subtask of a larger service.

The services are largely decoupled and do a small task and communicate via message queues asynchronously. This enables a modular design of application software. The modular design offers several advantages. These includes easier development for independent teams as well as better testability.

In addition, these individual services can be scaled independently and the entire system is fail-safe, as the failure of individual services does not collapse the entire system. …

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