Freebleeding is a joke made up by trolls but I love the conversation around new and better ways to bleed. Reusable cups and pads are epic waste savers. I even wasn’t that offended by the “glue” once I read up on it, if it truly does what it claims and isn’t an infection risk I’d love to carry my flow inside me a little bit.

Period talk is messy and menstruation should demand innovation. The instead softcup has enough room that a penis can fit inside your vagina with it in allowing for mess free period sex.

Ultimately we want everyone to be a part of the conversation on menstration, to shatter shame around it and bring awareness to how it works (or doesn’t).

I am less than enthralled at mocking the learning process. I feel awkward about the extra absorbent panties that actually make “freebleeding” possible. My nomadic polyamorous lifestyle had me without handy period products for a bit when my last cycle snuck up on me and I was too broke for all the materials I needed so I ended up inadvertently freebleeding for a couple days. Luckily my flow was light and I contained it.

But it is wild chaos and as awful and awkward and out of touch the conversation may seem- the learning curve steep- at least we’re actually having it.

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