Can I Trust You?

Things in the world are quite out of sync. I have thought about it a lot, and I believe that it is all about trust. We can no longer trust the security of our lives or of our existence. Just think about it…are you comfortable in the world we now live in? Or do you stay stressed? Do you worry a lot? Are your kids anxious? Do you sometimes feel something bad is going to happen in your life?

Just think, the week of June 12, 2016 forty-nine people went out to a bar to have fun and never returned home. The people who lived will never be the same. A few days later at Disney World, a two-year-old was dragged off by an alligator in a pond next to an exclusive on-site property. Who on vacation ever thinks their child will be eaten by an alligator? Our presidential election is narrowing down to two candidates; not many voters trust either one. What a week. Can we not trust that we will be safe at a bar with friends, at Disney World, or even trust those who are supposed to serve us in public office?

Yes, it was a bad week, but lack of trust affects people everyday. Can people trust the food they eat, that they will have a job to support their families, that a doctor will be there for them if they are sick, and if so, that they can pay for it? Can we trust our educators, our police forces, our financial system? Do we matter anymore?

It is scary out there in the world. Will Earth be safe for generations to come, or will our greed destroy this magnificent planet we call home? I do not know anymore. I love the ocean. When I stand on the sand and look at the huge expanse of blue sea, I feel small and unimportant, and yet the power and beauty of the waves and the heartbeat of the tides remind me that there is rhyme and reason to our existence. It is much greater than all of us. It begs us to trust the meanings and the purposes of our lives.

Trust. It is the magic word. The world’s people must trust one another and we must become worthy of that trust. We must realize that our purpose is not profit, but people. That by caring for one another, and caring for this spectacular spinning ball, we save our legacy for years to come. For me, trust is paramount. If I cannot trust my day to day existence and you cannot trust yours…there is no purpose in our time here on Earth. Go outside today. Take a long stroll. Look at how you live your life. Can you be trusted?

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