On Privilege
Steve Schlafman

I am glad this conversation is coming out. I hear often that investors with daughters are more interested in talking to female founders. Is that a change or a self serving interest? Most women I know are %#^*+=€ warriors. They work, they volunteer, they raise kids, some with disabilities, they look after aging parents and then hours later rock it on their husband’s arm at a social function. It is time that women are valued for who they are, not how hot they can look eating a cheeseburger. When I was younger, I wanted to stay at home and raise kids. I love kids, but I started to realize what I had to offer to society. Many women are never given a chance to grow wings and soar. They are kept pregnant and quiet. In 2017, gender, race or sexual orientation should not be a discussion. No offense, it is white men holding us all back. They are afraid to share the view. But times are changing. Warrior women are not content being an arm piece any longer. We can be lovers and partners…their is no love in never letting a flower bloom.