To Live in a Doomed Society
umair haque

I am grieving, but I have hope. The human spirit has felt doom many times and like a flower that blooms in frozen ground, survives. I have seen daffodils in the very early spring, a ground covered in snow, wave their bright yellow bloom in spite of the horrid conditions for a such fragile flower. We are frozen right now by hate and greed. But beneath it all, their are bulbs about to bloom. They have been there all along. They have been there throughout history. They rise to the occasion. For even on the darkest days, when hope seems impossible, the ground is breaking. We are human, and imperfect. But in our imperfections there are those who ignore conditions and show us beauty. Beauty in strength and spirit. Do not wait for doom, instead look for the blooms. The ground is breaking for them to rise.