. Make customers the decision makers. Adopt the mantra that no one knows the answer but the customer. Seniority isn’t necessarily correlated with correctness. “At Booking.com, we used this expression ‘don’t be a hippo,’ which stood for ‘highest-paid-person’s-opinion,” Hennessy said, which authority through seniority. Don’t be a hippo.
Mastering the Art of Marketing Experimentation @ General Catalyst NYC
General Catalyst

I love this. So often the look, the feel, the message that you are trying to convey gets lost in the marketing company’s desire to change the picture. Especially with a startup. Founders clearly see a vision. The vision is what pulls them and enables them to ignite the excitement of customers. Right or wrong it is usually a message from the heart and soul. If sincere, customers feel the honesty and are drawn to it. Marketing is key to success for any company. The message, however, must be pulled from the vision to work. If not, it feels cold and impersonal to the customers you are trying to attract.

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