My Autistic Son Has Been Waiting Over 200 Hours in the ER for a Psych Bed in North Carolina
Natania Barron

My sister has developmental disabilities and now lives in a nursing home. Her life so sad and tragic. No one could ever understand her pain. You may not like what I have to say, but these kids do not need to be in a hospital. They need to be understood. They need a chance outside of public school, where anxiety can diminish, and they can feel safe in who they are. They do not need to be fixed, to be normal. We must accept who they are. Your talented son who knows all about cars, should be allowed to spend time on cars. So many kids are being diagnosed with autism. There will never be enough beds. There will never be the right medication. Never. We must stop waiting and create villages where they can live, work, and feel safe. It is time the disabled become no longer invisible.