The Next Battle of Bull Run
John Battelle

Since the late 90s, the focus of business has been profit at all costs. It still is. Careers can be destroyed, people can die from lack of medication, black men are slammed into for profit prisons, we have an animal holocaust in corporate farming, our planet can be destroyed from toxins of all kinds…and we look the other way. Because of survival, we fear speaking out for fear of losing jobs that keep most families barely hanging on. Profit is fine…at all costs is not fine. Companies must take a stand. Before long there will be no customers. How we treat ALL people matters. Children watch with a keen eye all of this…the hate, the disrespect, the lack of tolerance that exists in our society. Kids need to look upward at leaders who work with a moral compass in all things. Because when we devalue a race, an animal, a faith or goodness, we imprint their brains. These imprints determine who they become…the future. So please, CEOs… stop counting the money. Start making a difference. Bring hope to the hopeless and hope in the eyes of the children. Humanity is sinking in the malaise of our toxic culture. Start lifting us up…