The Very First Startup Founder You Need to Invest in is You
Mark Suster

The First Angel

I agree that being your own angel is important. However, at some point, you will need more funds than you can invest. Most founders invest enormous amounts of time, and the only reward is moving closer to where they want to be. I have been working on AcCollegeMents for several years. I am relentless to see it launch. This is a first for me, and I am learning as I go. I am not in Silicon Valley. It is difficult to find developers who can do the work I need. My idea is big, and needed. I cannot walk away. Something will not let me. So even though I will need an angel’s investment in my venture, I truly am the first angel of the idea. I want to do good for society, and I want to have a business that does very well. I refuse to let it go any other way.