When 5 Billion Customers Shift Their Habits, You Shift With Them.
John Battelle

This is a very interesting interview. I think our country is divided in many ways. Because of that, branding and marketing can be tricky. There are very intelligent and sophisticated consumers who walk into a store and only look at non-GMO and organic food. Then there is the shopper who doesn’t know what a GMO is, and only shops price. Companies like P&G try to capture the hearts of both. The comment “That’s what we do, we get people to turn to our brands” is the mantra all companies strive for. It sounds like P&G is trying to reach different segments of the population, in different ways with different approaches. It is so interesting how they went towards Facebook, and now, Snapchat. It is great to see an old company enter new spaces. I am building a company. I hope in the next five years to have 20 million high school and college students on the site. I want advertising geared to the market, with ads made just for them. This article makes me realize that with the numbers, a unique advertising approach is possible. I am so excited about my startup and all of the changes taking place. So many are afraid to reach out to the new. Startups and their founders are passionate and relentless about their ideas and their missions. For older companies to open the door to partnerships is wonderful…and actually remarkable💫