You Can Change the World
steve blank

This is a wonderful message. For those who have followed their dreams and the right doors have opened, I would agree “We are masters of our fate.” But for an African American kid in Charlotte, North Carolina the doors do not open. Charlotte is the worst city for escaping poverty in the US. For a mother at home with no support system and without childcare, her fate is determined for many years as she struggles to impact the fate of her children. Society is truly the master of most people’s fate. A great society, by ensuring a truly inspiring education, by slowly over eighteen years… be a society that delicately builds wings on every child’s shoulders so that he or she may soar, and by opening doors for those who strive to enter, we create souls who can become the masters of their fate. It is time to become that kind of society. We can not let location, family, religion, finances, gender or race predestine the future of the many. A future that wastes souls to mediocrity at best.