Dr. Eyal Afergan with his co-founder, Prof. Tamir Tuller

Why FoodTech company?
My path into the FoodTech industry was serendipity. In the last 10 years, I worked in areas very close to FoodTech, such as the dietary supplements industry. Around two years ago, after I completed my role in Algatechnologies as VP of Business Development, and met Nadav Berger (Co-Founder of PeakBridge) in a coffee shop to discuss the opportunities ahead. Nadav suggested I met a few people from the FoodTech industry. From there, everything escalated very quickly, and I found myself co-founding Imagindairy.

I was drawn into FoodTech partly because of my diet, which I think about a…

We sat down for a conversation with Yoni Glickman, Managing Partner of FoodSparks® by PeakBridge, to explore the differences between Israeli and European entrepreneurs in FoodTech and the things they should learn from each other.

Yoni Glickman, Managing Partner of FoodSparks® by PeakBridge

Can you describe the differences, in your eyes, between Israeli entrepreneurs and EU entrepreneurs in FoodTech?

As we at FoodSparks® invest both in Europe and Israel, I notice differences between Israeli entrepreneurs and EU entrepreneurs. First of all, in Israel, one of the interesting things we see is tech transfer and the desire of people coming from academia and science disciplines to create startups. Often…

PeakBridge VC

PeakBridge is a Food-Tech VC, focusing on innovative, scalable, and ESG-positive companies with protectable technologies that improve human nutrition

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