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I don’t always comment under articles, but when I do it is to call out bullshit. I will refrain on commenting on the style of the article, clearly you are the shit and you know your shit. I see your shit here as the perfect caricature one condensed image of all that is wrong with the start up disease.

What totally underlines this for me is how you talk about ‘this being numbers game’ and if only 1 in 10 makes it, by starting six you are over 50% of probability of making it. If you seriously think this you should go back to grade 1 math and study basic concept of statistics and probability.

But let’s not forget, man, you love your numbers..

What pisses me off the most is the encouraging butterfly effect BS articles with no merit and bunch of quotes from famous people have on kids who will get inspired by this shit.

If you used your spare time to build a fucking squirrel feeder for your backyard or created a cat playing piano video, you would have much more positive effect on this world than by writing this shitty deceiving article of no value.