How to Punch a Woman

Women should be allowed to compete at sports in a safe and fair environment.

Sports became gender-segregated to allow women to compete, not to create a club of similarly-identifying individuals.

Whether society allows someone to step into a boxing ring and punch a woman in the face should not turn on that someone’s self-identity!

Fallon Fox is a moral monster. She lived over 30 years as a man with male hormones before fighting in MMA against women. Without any semblance of a skill set, she was able to overpower some entry-level female fighters and cause some serious damage to them. (Watch the Ericka Newsome fight. It’s disgusting.)

And for these first couple of fights she kept secret that she was born a man.

Not only did she take food off women’s tables by forcing them to compete on terms they didn’t sign up for, but she also took brain cells from them. She did physical and neurological damage to these women who expected to compete against someone in their division. They might experience dementia sooner. That is morally reprehensible.

“Women’s Sports” Allow “Women” to Compete

The historical incentive behind creating female divisions was to allow women to compete at all. In nearly every athletic competition, women are unable to compete against men at the highest levels.

Men outside of the top 100 tennis players can handily beat the best women in the world.

Recently, a woman tried out for the NFL. She didn’t make it, but was allowed to try. The men’s league isn’t a men’s league: it is the league. It is the league for the best players in the world. Then there are other leagues for seniors, children, women, and so on.

Competing in the women’s league is not a matter of feeling most appropriate in that space: it’s whether you meet the criteria to compete against that limited field.

Golfers aren’t allowed to play in the Senior PGA championship because they “feel” old; they are allowed because they are over 50. Guys under 50 have a competitive advantage.

Burden of Proof

Some golfers make a living on the Senior PGA tour. If a golfer under 50 tried to enter the league, he’d have to show that he wasn’t unfairly stealing prospects from older golfers: golfers who aren’t able to make money in the open division.

If UFC flyweight champion and top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter Demetrious Johnson stated he was a woman and tried to enter the women’s leagues, most people would think something had to be shown to prove this was fair.

He should not be allowed to fight based on his self-identification.

That determination should turn on fairness to other fighters.

Many leagues require two years of hormones. (Some require surgery, but that is becoming less common)

Does this level the playing field?

The Evidence

There is overwhelming evidence that men hold an advantage over women in most physical sports. Look at average finishing times, world records, etc. This is a point reasonably considered beyond contention.

No one has a comprehensive explanation of why this happens, but a number of factors are commonly looked at. These include hormones, bone density, and number of sweat glands.

Many trans advocates claim that with two years of hormone therapy any competitive advantage is gone. As stated above, the burden of proof is on the people trying to force women out of competition. There has been very little evidence given. Their main argument is that they don’t have the burden of proof.

Many sports are divided by weight class. At high levels of these competitions, the athletes “cut weight”. A short while before weigh-ins the athletes dehydrate themselves severely, and then replenish some of the water before competition. Men have more sweat glands, and are thus able to dehydrate themselves much faster and with less physiological cost.

Weight-cutting is a skill. Some people are much better at it than others. UFC superstar Connor McGregor is bigger than most other guys at 145lbs. Someone his size would usually be at 155lbs, a much more competitive division, but since McGregor has a weight-cutting advantage he was able to become champion a division lower.

Rules related to weight cutting were changed recently, and some people doubt McGregor will be able to make that weight again.

Weight-cutting is a major factor in weight-segregated sports. The number of sweat glands men and transwomen have affords them a major advantage over those born female.

Bone density is another easily measurable physiological difference. There are ancient martial arts drills that increase your bone density through microfractures. Bone density has always been seen as a competitive factor.

It makes injuries less common and certain forms of offense more effective, like when Fallon Fox kneed that female competitor in the head. That knee was more dense, thus heavier and more damaging than a woman’s knee would have been.

Finally, there are hormones. These certainly affect performance, which is why testosterone is one of the most common Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Beyond that, they affect performance years after use. Arnold Schwarzenegger did steroid and hormone supplementation during puberty. Those few formative years changed his body in ways that any number of juiced-up years later in life could not reproduce.

Why do some trans advocates suggest hormone treatment before puberty? Because the changes hormones cause in your body during puberty last forever.

Going through puberty with male hormones gives a massive competitive advantage over those with female hormones.

We know that hormones affect the body after they are out of the bloodstream. While the exact specifics of this science are not yet known, that point only militates against those trying to compete with women!

The burden of proof is on the individual trying to punch a woman in the face.

Moral Quandaries

There’s something bad about being a transwoman and being prevented from doing sports in a way that lines up with your identity.

There’s also something bad about being born a woman and being prevented from doing sports at all.

Both of these are legitimate grievances but the latter is more forceful.

This becomes more apparent when we consider safety. Many sports pose risks to the health of their competitors. But the competitor only signs up for a certain amount of risk.

Someone who plays soccer takes on the risk of breaking ankles, legs, or maybe taking a concussion from an inadvertent bump or hard header. They do not take on the risk of being punched in the face. That would likely be a crime.

A lightweight boxer takes on the risks a lightweight opponent poses. If they were thrown in with a heavyweight, they are much more likely to incur life-changing brain trauma.

A woman takes on the risk of competing against a woman, not a man. Until it is shown that transwomen do not pose more risk than opponents who were born women, they should not be considered to pose a fair fight.


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