Running Smooth & Swift- Police Clearance Certificate Application by ACSG Corp.

Police clearance certificate by ACSG Corp.

Police Clearance Certificate is often required by people for multiple purposes such as acquiring a passport etc. Undoubtedly, it’s a crucial document which every ordinary man needs at one point of time or the other. But at the same time it has been a rather tedious process acquiring one from the police. This is no more going to be the case with the advent of smart policing prevalent today, spreading across almost every state police body.

ACSG Corp., furthering its quest for establishing excellence in the homeland security space, has successfully launched a web-app for issuing the police clearance certificate by the police. Yet another step towards digitization and automation of procedures, this app is extremely beneficial for both the public as well as the police bodies. While it shall move the people onto a convenient, hassle-free process for attaining the certificate, it’s likely to enable police to enhance its service delivery capacity as well.

Reducing time delays, possible bribery, promoting transparency in dealing and an organized process are among the major benefits of the app. People no longer need to visit the station premises, can actually get it all done within the comfort of their homes at just a click. The application is absolutely user friendly and saves time, money and efforts of all. It’s indeed reliable as it provides a digitally signed copy of the certificate to the user, valid anywhere in the jurisdiction of the state police. Making lives simpler and better is what ACSG aims at.

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