Innovating for Regeneration

Acknowledging a problem

Since the dawn of industrialization, for every groundbreaking, valuable development, are volumes of vainglorious gadgetry and wasteful or polluting materials and technologies. Products that don’t consider their value or impact beyond the short-term, how they might be deconstructed, or decomposed. The YOLO-economy.

Exploring the unknown

Much like other studios in our field, we are well-versed in methodologies designed to inspire imaginative solutions for companies looking to disrupt their markets. But these methods get so entrenched as to defy the very nature of innovation, that is, they stop being challenged for their merit. They stop changing. We stop learning. And the ‘disruption’ ends up extending to our ecosystems.

Manifesting change

Change is never easy and even welcome change can be uncomfortable — especially when one has to painstakingly unpick patterns that were just as painstakingly made. But while humans can’t unlearn what they know, they can better understand what they still need to learn.

Explore our compilation of insights and impulses for a regenerative future:

The End as the Beginning

Today, there is a palpable momentum for positive change. More and more individuals, industry leaders and institutions are embracing concepts such as the circular economy and inviting us to co-design their path towards more regenerative organizational systems. In industry, as in Nature, we see so clearly that the more we invest in communities, the more resilient we and our businesses and our planet become.



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PCH Innovations

PCH Innovations

We are a Berlin-based, multi-disciplinary studio that develops divergent strategy and technology for regenerative systems.