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The update was released last Thursday October 15th at 10:00am (UTC+8) and effective when the mainnet block height reached 17,160,000 on Friday October 16th at 6:30pm (UTC+8).

Two fundamental aspects of our multi-chain framework were addressed:

1. Cross-chain

2. Mining stability

Please find below our first conclusions as of Monday October 19th:

1. Cross-chain:

Due to “bad blocks” being generated when using this function we had to disable it on Friday May 22nd.

This function is now enabled and no longer generates bad blocks.

More automation is needed to cover specific scenarios.

Overall a big step forward.

2. Mining stability and P2P layer:

In order to be eligible to participate in our consensus and mine, a node needs to have enough peers (direct communications with the other nodes of our mainnet), 2/3+ of the total number of nodes that is. Our mainnet has recently been targeted by external attacks which were affecting two aspects of our P2P layer: mining equity (a) and node communications (b). …

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LAFOI Wine CCC is the 1st smart wine retail platform based on China’s Central Bank’s DCEP (virtual currency) and blockchain technology applications.

It is a joint venture initated by PCHAIN,LAFOI and a (name to be disclosed at a later date) Chinese state owned cross border retailer.

Public commercial child chain, it uses blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence technology for product recommendation, product traceability, zero inventory system, cloud data warehousing and end-to-end cross-border retailing.

In more details, the CCC uses blockchain technology to certify, trace and transact the wines advertised. Big data and artificial intelligence algorithms to perform personalised product recommendations based on users’ age, gender, occupation, buying history, preferences, occasion, budget and more. …

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The last 4 weeks were very productive for PCHAIN, please find a summary below:

Development Progress

  1. Developed a fix for the cross-chain transfer issue generating bad blocks: now in internal testing and soon to be released.
  2. Developed a fix for the abnormal mining on child chain 1: also in internal testing and soon to be released.
  3. Tested successfully the PIwallet mobile functions such as address management, PI transfer and delegation.
  4. Optimized the PIwallet mobile front-end & back-end integration for both the Android and iOS versions.

5. Finished the new CCC implementation plan and design framework which will be integrated with DECP, cross chain, tracking and supply chain technologies. …

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