Dr. Feng Cao of PCHAIN invited to attend the first Nobel Heroes Day at Hong Kong and Guangdong-Hong kong-Macao Bay Area Finanical Forum

Apr 8, 2018 · 3 min read

On April 7, 2018, “Nobel Heroes Day” firstly host in Hong Kong organized by The Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and Hong Kong Society of Economists. This Forum attracted many world-class guests, including the Hong Kong Chief Executive Lam Cheng Yuet-kai, the 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics. Winner Norwegian economist Finn Kydland, the 2004 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, the Israeli biologist Aaron Ciechanover, and the 2001 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology, the British physiologist Tim Hunt, 1996 Nobel Peace Prize winner, former President of Timor-Leste, Jose Ramos Horta etc…

Picture: Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The new financial forum discussed several aspects of the blockchain: underlying technologies, application scenarios, national policies for new financial and regulatory discussions, as well as blockchain investment opportunities and future prospects. Dr. Cao Feng, the founder of PCHAIN “committed to launching an international public chain originating from China, was also invited to attend the event. It can be seen that the academic and industry representatives invited to attend the conference are both outstanding figures in their respective fields and represent the pioneers in the blockchain industry.

Picture: Feng Cao with Larry from Amino Capital (Angel investors of Difinity)
Picture: Feng Cao(founder of PCHAIN) with Jianhong Xu(MD of CCBI), Ken (former Blockchain Chief Scientist of Huawei) and Nobel Laureate Dr. Finn Kydland

Dr. Finn Kydland, the Norwegian economist at the 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics, pointed out that Chinese entrepreneurs need a more open environment to realize their business ideas, and such changes are beginning to occur. Technology is not easily transferred from developing countries to underdeveloped countries and regions, and a more developed financial system can make the transfer of technology smoother. China plays a decisive role in the development of the world economy and achieves a leap in per capita economic growth. Its unique regional advantage is also more conducive to the development of financial science and technology.

Picture: Feng Cao with the founder of Bodhi

Dr. Feng Cao the founder of PCHAIN, the leading force in the industry, believes that China and even the world will fully enter a new era of technological innovation as the main driving force, and the blockchain will become the development of the entire IT industry. Some of the most important driving forces was to discuss the underlying technology, application scenarios and prospects of future blockchains with other guests after the meeting. The hot issues in the future blockchain will mainly focus on: multi-chain, cross-chain, sharding and knowledge graph. Undoubtedly, blockchain has become a strategic fortress for technology companies to compete and become synonymous with the future. Although Dr. Feng Cao has changed from a “scientist” to an“entrepreneur”, he still maintains the scientific research at the heart of PCHAIN.

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