Mainnet Development — Update v1.3.05

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The update was released last Thursday October 15th at 10:00am (UTC+8) and effective when the mainnet block height reached 17,160,000 on Friday October 16th at 6:30pm (UTC+8).

Two fundamental aspects of our multi-chain framework were addressed:

1. Cross-chain

2. Mining stability

Please find below our first conclusions as of Monday October 19th:

1. Cross-chain:

Due to “bad blocks” being generated when using this function we had to disable it on Friday May 22nd.

This function is now enabled and no longer generates bad blocks.

More automation is needed to cover specific scenarios.

Overall a big step forward.

2. Mining stability and P2P layer:

In order to be eligible to participate in our consensus and mine, a node needs to have enough peers (direct communications with the other nodes of our mainnet), 2/3+ of the total number of nodes that is. Our mainnet has recently been targeted by external attacks which were affecting two aspects of our P2P layer: mining equity (a) and node communications (b).

Our update fixed completely (a) and improved (b) but not enough for the latter.

This is based on the monitoring of the last 72h when the attack started again.

The update has annihilated the economic incentive of our attacker but not fully blocked it fundamentally yet with (b).

Conclusions and next steps:

We are prioritising and allocating more resources towards (2.b) and our P2P layer as a whole. With their economic incentive gone the attacker could simply give up, but there is a greater opportunity for us to improve this aspect of our mainnet.

Regarding cross-chain, as mentioned above some rare and specific scenarios require more automation which will introduce step by step: first with an action button within the wallet, then fully automated and self managed by our mainnet.

We understand the importance of these feedbacks for our Ecosystem and will publish more Mainnet Development Reports moving forward.

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