PCHAIN 1st DCEP Application: LAFOI Wine CCC

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LAFOI Wine CCC is the 1st smart wine retail platform based on China’s Central Bank’s DCEP (virtual currency) and blockchain technology applications.

It is a joint venture initated by PCHAIN,LAFOI and a (name to be disclosed at a later date) Chinese state owned cross border retailer.

Public commercial child chain, it uses blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence technology for product recommendation, product traceability, zero inventory system, cloud data warehousing and end-to-end cross-border retailing.

In more details, the CCC uses blockchain technology to certify, trace and transact the wines advertised. Big data and artificial intelligence algorithms to perform personalised product recommendations based on users’ age, gender, occupation, buying history, preferences, occasion, budget and more. Smart contracts to streamline and automate the full sale cycle from product discovery, zero inventory system, payment, shipping, delivery and post purchase feedback.

LAFOI Wine CCC unique positioning will provide every user with quality, affordable and authentic wine.

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Based on many years of French wine import trade practice, LAFOI Wine CCC will introduce over 40 curated French wines into its chain, progressively extended to additional wines from Spain, Chile, Australia, and other strategic markets.

LAFOI Wine Chain will actively cooperate with the Central Bank of China. Following and contributing to the DCEP framework by trying and testing the technology in a real world commercial use case via the LAFOI Wine platform and ecosystem. Promoting the internationalization of DCEP through cross-border wine trades between China and France.

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Currently, all the wines are listed on Wechat Mini Program. Search 莱芙酒链 or scan the below Qr code via Wechat to get wine details and place orders.

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LAFOI Wine CCC technologic unique selling points:

  • Tracking: build customer trust and brand credibility.
  • Supply-Chain: finance solutions benefiting all the participants of the CCC.
  • DCEP: new sales model.
  • Smart Data: new oracle mechanism used for the CCC smart contracts.
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Genesis block info:

  • Mined time: September 24th, 2020, 16:28:58 (UTC+8)
  • Block hash: 0xea24fee6465324e2818f371f0b3dafd65c70273e9fb569461bc97bab895750ae
  • Block size: 511
  • Gas Limit: 134,217,728
  • Transaction root: 0x56e81f171bcc55a6ff8345e692c0f86e5b48e01b996cadc001622fb5e363b421
  • State root: 0xa6847d2c5f6040ebb0cfc5a10c1d145e2ca427b2ea99fd1e69989a483e0ec4cb
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Genesis nodes:

LAFOI Wine CCC was launched with four initial nodes belonging to four companies directly involved in the CCC commercial operations:

1. Shanxi Financial Investment Holding Group:

Role: Finance;Website: http://www.shanxifh.com

2. Huayuan International Land Port Group:

Role: Global logistics;Website: http://www.hyilp.com

3. Shanxi Provincial People’s Government Network:

Role: Local logistics;Website: http://m.zgq.shanxi.gov.cn

4. Château Lamothe Gaillard:

Role: Wine Sourcing;Website: http://www.vignoble-lafoi.fr/

More nodes will progressively be introduced to the chain, first belonging to the CCC ecosystem of partners, then extended to our whole Community.

LAFOI Wine CCC partners ecosystem:

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Conclusion and outlook:

LAFOI Wine CCC is the 1st smart wine retail platform based on China’s Central Bank’s DCEP (virtual currency) and blockchain technology applications.

All the parties involved in this groundbreaking CCC, including an ecosystem of 30+ Partners, believe in the potential of Blockchain technology to disrupt the traditional wine cross-border industry starting with China and France and later expanding to additional geographies and products.

Exciting times ahead!

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