PCHAIN & CoinXP Achieved Strategic Cooperation

PCHAIN and CoinXP achieved a strategic cooperation. CoinXP is the vertical public chain focusing on cross-chain trading. PCHAIN & CoinXP will work on the technologies of cross-chain and decentralized assets custody together to enhance the advantages of both ecosystems and build a close loop of the value transfer through crypto trading, and ultimately strengthen the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

About CoinXP

CoinXP combines advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges, coming up to the optimal exchange solution to solve the the market liquidity problem by Blockchain.With assets custody guarded by threshold signature and match engine on the chain, CoinXP satisfies the needs of safety and transparency mandated by large players. With the service network of brokers/exchanges, CoinXP is able to provide the ultimate trading experience and attracts new players to crypto-currency market.


PCHAIN is the world’s first native multi-chain system supporting EVM.It features an original PDBFT algorithm, unified knowledge graph, and Smart Data Oracle mechanism, supporting smart contract calls of non-native tokens. PCHAIN aims to solve issues of blockchain performance, interoperability, non-closed loop smart contracts, and dependence on external data, making large-scale industrial application of blockchain smart contracts possible.

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