Monthly Progress Report

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The last 4 weeks were very productive for PCHAIN, please find a summary below:

Development Progress

  1. Developed a fix for the cross-chain transfer issue generating bad blocks: now in internal testing and soon to be released.

5. Finished the new CCC implementation plan and design framework which will be integrated with DECP, cross chain, tracking and supply chain technologies.


1.PCHAIN completed its 2nd monthly burn of 50m PI on September 15th! 25m PI from the Team and Foundation wallets accounting for 660,650 USD and 2.5% of the total supply.

Reminder: PCHAIN will burn up to 500m PI as part of PCHAIN 2.0 expansion plan, 50m PI per month. The 1st Burn of 50m $PI (~735,100 USD ) took place on August 15th.

Next burn (3rd) on October 15th!

Tx hash 1: 0x5e963f1df1c541fb7a233cef577a6943d2987daf16c80f5633367e70733d04b1

Tx hash 2: 0x34353326fbd6a3211224c13e0fe5ac258d75bd2c80ac1595ec5c6b88c33a6c55

2. PCHAIN PI/ BTC trading pair on was added on August 30th.

3. PCHAIN Android mobile wallet started its final testing on August 29th. We privately invited some community members to help us finalise this new tool. iOS version to follow.

4. 39 Candidate nodes are now listed in the PCHAIN desktop PIwallet. The upcoming mobile wallet has a delegation function to one-click delegate PI to the candidate nodes and share their mining rewards.

5. PCHAIN 2.0 decentralised DCEP mapping PI proposal focuses on the commercial layer with CCC + SmartData + EVM. To ensure security & efficiency, the Central Bank of China keeps (partially) centralized the DCEP launch and encourages the DCEP expansion via innovative technologies, on the commercial layer especially.

6. PCHAIN upcoming 1st Public CCC with DCEP application will cooperate with a Chinese state-owned eCommerce cross-border company. Technology-wise the CCC core features will include tracking, supply chain, DCEP and smart data. Ecosystem-wise 4 types of companies will participate in the different business scenarios of the CCC. Timeline-wise the 1st version of this public CCC with DCEP application will be launched in September with genesis nodes.

7. Qiangsheng Smart-e, PCHAIN 1st Private CCC used by passenger & freight vehicles was selected as one of 2020 Global Blockchain Innovation Application Demonstration Projects alongside projects from IBM, Walmart, Samsung and ICBC (leading Chinese bank). The CCC has been covering 100,000+ passengers, 1,000+ travel vehicles & 6,000+ freight vehicles since its launch in May 2019.

8. Ilya and Markus joined our Team as Community Manager and Tech Community front.

About Ilya:

About Markus:

9. On September 13th, PCHAIN founder Dr Jeff Cao was invited to attend the BSN 2nd Birthday Cocktail Party.

10. On September 16th, a PCHAIN Telegram AMA was held with Dr Jeff Cao, key takeaways:

  • Upcoming public CCC = several participants, large scenarios & PI to pay for gas.

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