We bridge Peace Corps Service to Politics

By Kristina J. Owens , Co-Founder

Who we are

PC to Politics is a tiny political organizations that is independent from the Peace Corps Agency, the National Peace Corps Association, or other alumni organizations. We are not connected to any specific political candidate or political party. We are run by all volunteer board and volunteers. We bridge Peace Corps service to political service with the following efforts:

Support Peace Corp alumni running for Political Office

PC to Politics supports all political candidates who served or worked in the Peace Corps and are running for political office. This is regardless of what level or what political party! PC to Politics will support any Peace Corps Alumni Candidate who aspires to meet the Peace Corps ideals. Peace Corps ideals are building consensus, listening to all sides of an issue, compromising and believing that everyone has something to bring to the table.

Empower the Peace Corps community to participate in politics

PC to Politics believes that the Peace Corps community should engage and participate in politics! As Volunteers we learned to engage our community, build consensus, and strive to help people help themselves. Politics and political leadership is essential to do the same for our own country. Politics is a dirty word today. To change this, Peace Corps Alumni should participate and lead positively by example. Our service taught us skills that are important to impact our communities at home.

Ensure Peace Corps services is always an option

PC to Politics was created because the co-founders and founding members saw that we were slowly losing our RPCV Political leaders at the Federal level. If we have no RPCVs in Congress, the danger of a President or congressional leadership deciding to eliminate or diminish the budget of the Peace Corps is very real! This cannot happen! The more RPCVs in Congress the better!

One more thing………

PC to Politics is bipartisan or multi partisan this means we only truly care about the individual Peace Corps Alum not necessarily whether they are Democrat or Republican or 3rd party. Our whole purpose is to support the RPCVs and engage the Peace Corps community to get involved.


Find out more about PC to Politics by checking out our Webpage, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Help us help our RPCV Candidates by contributing as little as $5 here