Magnetic Therapy can be done at home with ease! Here’s how!

Magnetic Therapy can easily be done at home. The only viable magnetic therapy option is known as PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. This form of magnetic therapy uses electromagnets to produce pulsating magnetic fields usually between 0 to 15 Hz.

While there are plenty of magnetic therapy devices and bioresonators of PEMF type, very few companies have enough experience working with clients from all over the world and ensuring every user is able to use it correctly to treat their condition.

Magnetic Therapy is the future of healing, most just don’t know about it yet. Research on PEMF therapy suggests that more than 40 different conditions have been known to benefit positively with its use.

How to do magnetic therapy at home?

It’s very well explained on above link above. Basically get a home use PEMF device. Once you have the device it’s important the company that provided to you has good documentation and studies to help you select the correct frequency, and duration of use. There is a bit of experimentation required where you find the perfect frequency and duration of use. Once you are through this initial phase, it will continue to provide unparalleled anti-ageing and faster recovery effects for years to come. Hence it’s important to understand that it’s a very weak signal, which slowly changes your bio-rhythm and allows natural healing to take place. You have to understand how to do magnetic therapy at home properly and have the patience for it. It’s well worth the time and effort as Magnetic therapy will help you reduce pain medication too.