invitation — EarthDay 2016

This is what I’ve copied and shall now paste from the PLEDGES page of the FOREST NATION website:

Life is composed of a harmonious exchange in chemical compounds, energetic elements, and physical material. Although individually we may believe we are giving back, there’s no better way than coming together for that same noble reason and celebrating our choice to do so, thereby amplifying and enhancing that intent and initiative. xXx
Pledge Nº 207 — Peneleapaí Aloha
Ireland — 04/09/2016

So I find myself reflecting on the time of year last year when we all came together and sang, and walked, and danced in the wood. I planted trees before and after the woodland gig. I was also in a state of physical (emotional, mental) disrepair, as I was in the midst of an auto-immune condition which had taken over everything in my consciousness. The living nightmare time for me. Time of reckoning. Still need to digest that era really :)

However, this year, being as it may that I am not quite in that place, I do feel the springtime budding of desiring union with others, and seeking collective goodness practising! (This is the warning by the way)

I have of course with the nudge of social media signed up for at least two other worldwide movements on the same day; Sing To the Trees (now in its 7th year. The premise being at 12 noon, sing to your favourite tree), and One Billion Acts of Kindness (with the Mastershift, Forest Nation, UNESCO, Julian Lennon, et al..)

For your own personal invitation, free of any charge, come join us at Woodpark Forest Park, Mountshannon, Co. Clare from 12 midday (perhaps earlier if one gets one’s wicked way! hee hee) with a simple program of BE-ing together, and sharing your humanity with the tree community on earth day 2016. . . Here is one cyberspace site for more info:


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