The Ultimate Laptop Bag: My Obsessive Quest For Perfection
Roger Dooley

Hi Roger, great article and I can fully appreciate your dedication. ‘Maximiser’ may be polite for what you and I are when it comes to luggage. After years of trying Everything — I should get frequent shopper points in my local luggage shop and luggage shops in airports globally — I have settled on Tumi. My only complaint: They never bxxxx break! Put differently; I now have 11 pieces and my wife is looking very suspiciously every time I try and smuggle a new piece into the house. Anyway, I recommend the ‘Alpha 2, 4 wheeled Delux Brief with laptop case’. In my case (I hate dividers), I took a good box-cutter and a bit of patience and the roll-on now has one big compartment with a few pockets on the back. To go with it I suggest a Tumi suit carrier — not the current tri-fold, very limited capacity! — you need an older two-fold, and you need to add a strap across the middle. The two bags rolls well on/of and between them and some clever packing/access to cleaning, you can be away for weeks without problems. Happy travel.