With school winding down, it is not a good time to be introducing unexpected topics. But there is never a good time, and sometimes the moment calls on us to do it anyway. The murder of George Floyd has sparked national protests, which offer a necessary teaching opportunity.

The death of Floyd has been decried by police departments from Massachusetts to Oklahoma. Students need to know that violence by the government against people it should be protecting is at the heart of this problem, and it is especially tragic because those people are made to feel unwanted by their own…

On the surprising way that the use of tutoring companies exacerbates inequality

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With schools shifting to online learning, some fear a growing education divide.

In response, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has proposed an emergency funding package under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES). The emergency relief funds, which total $13.2 billion, are allocated to state and local education agencies and in “microgrants” to teachers and families. The aim is to assist low-income students with tutoring and other services.

The money, according to a press release by the U.S. department of education, has “very few bureaucratic strings attached” and targets the “most disadvantaged” students for assistance.

Existing education law…

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No matter how much modern parents like myself may worry about how well they are raising children, they at least take comfort in believing they are not “tiger parents,” that is supposed and racialized authoritarian, top-down drivers of more and more education for “victimized” children. And yet, as families settle into remote school for children, parents often are feeling that not enough work is being sent home. They purchase academic books in a frantic search for more instruction. Though I was raised by education-first parents, I mostly have a more backseat approach to my own children’s schooling. But, when one…

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While we all know that parenting during the pandemic has entailed significant hardships for families across the country and across the world, I’m going to dwell on what it has offered to me and my family, in particular in regards to being part of their education. Before talking about what has been pleasant during this time, it’s essential to recognize that our privileges have made this easier on us than on many others. My partner and I work from home and have not been laid off. Our two kids are engaged in remote learning over our home Wi-Fi. We leave…

Pawan H. Dhingra

New book is Hyper Education https://bit.ly/hypered. Dr. Pawan H. Dhingra is an award winning author, professor, and curator. @phdhingra1

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