4 Augmented Reality Tools for Developers

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (as they go hand in hand have been the talk of town in recent years). This post highlights the top 4 tools used for Augmented Reality Development. For details, read here: https://www.hire-php-developers.co.uk/4-augmented-reality-tools-developers/

The most widely used A.R development tool is Vuforia with over 325,000 users and developers.

Not far behind Vuforia is ARToolKit. This is a free and open source development tool that provides free access to its library.

The main rival to Vuforia’s dominance in A.R development is Kudan. Moreover, its venture of combining IoT with A.I makes it somewhat of a pioneer in the path forward.

Wikitude with its 10,000 registered developers and 20,000 A.R apps is a widely used A.R development tool and rounds off our list.

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