5 Reasons to Prefer PHP for Web Development

The Information technology industry has revolutionized the internet with various technologies. With the evolving technology, numerous languages came into existence to make faster, secure and interactive applications. JAVA, PHP, PYTHON, .NET, C++ are used for application development. But PHP is mostly popular for producing exceptionally high quality websites with a little effort and within a very short time duration. PHP is a versatile and capable scripting language with variety of features to produce dynamic, interactive and responsive applications.

Following are some of the unique features that makes PHP language popular and most widely used language:

Vast variety of Extensions

PHP language has extensions and plugins that can be used to extend the core functionality of the applications. PHP language contributor’s have recently added more extensions and tools for documentation, debugging, security, Image manipulation and graphs to make the application development easier and faster.

Multi-Layered security

With the revolution of technology, the web applications have become insecure. Now every application requires security measures to handle malicious threats and hacker attacks. PHP provides security tools to add multi-layered security to the applications. These security levels can be adjusted to keep the application safe from different threats.

Fast Development

PHP is a very fast scripting language because PHP uses its own memory to reduce the workload of the servers. It operates on web stack and uses apache server and SQL database to increase the processing speed. With the recent additions in PHP 7 the application development with PHP has become much more faster.

Cross Platform

The applications created in PHP language can be deployed across different platforms. PHP applications has support for all the famous operating systems like Apple’s MAC, windows, Linux and Unix.


PHP language is user friendly. It has extreme flexibility as compared to other languages. Applications require maintenance and additional functionality with time. With PHP language, the developers can easily add more functionality without affecting the core functionality of the system. With PHP, the applications can be easily customized according to the business requirements.

PHP is a rich language that enable the developers to customize the apps according to client’s taste. And it also has strong community support to help the developers solve any programming issues quickly. The clients can hire JAVA, PYTHON or .NET developers to develop the projects. But hiring PHP developers will give them the advantage of deploying the quality application faster in the market.