5 Web Design Trends for 2017

Web Design trends are constantly evolving and 2017 is going to see a boom in some new ideas. So here are top 5 of the lot. For more details, read here: https://www.hire-php-developers.co.uk/5-web-design-trends-2017/

With the rise of content marketing, landing pages will see an increase in use as more and more businesses will want to direct dedicated traffice towards their site.

Adaptive designs will become essential in 2017 as more and more users are switching to mobile devices.

Wearable tech will start to influence web designs with their minimalistic design approach.

The use of bold typography will certainly gain traction this year with simple and bold fonts displayed on front pages to grab attention.

And lastly, brand centric illustrations will rise with focus on the identity and personality of the brand reflected through the designs.