Taking dancing robots to #mozfest

The Mozilla Campus Club Birmingham is the first Campus Club in the UK. Being interested in web technologies and especially its possibilities to facilitate open research, I was keen on being involved and support the club with social media and our GitHub organisation.

The campus club started with going through tutorials on node.js and javascript, which I kind of managed. The real fun started though when we applied our basic code to some hardware.

Some raspberry pis, robots, screens, keyboards and mice and my colleagues’ instructions and let the fun begin!

Having limited coding skills myself, getting these robots to dance felt like quite an achievement that - even with little prior knowledge — could be done in about an hour. Being fun and straightforward to teach, this was the ideal session to run at #mozfest and were a nice summary of the club’s activities so far. If I can do this, everyone can learn it!

The real challenge however was making the session available to a wider audience. With German being my native language, I was naive enough to think that I could just offer the session at #mozfest in German. Little did I know that translating our instructions into German will be so difficult. After having lived abroad for more than 6 years, providing high-quality outputs in my mother tongue is a real challenge. It is still work in progress and I will spend our Campus Club meetings before #mozfest busy translating (GoogleTranslate being my best friend during these hours), but I promise it will be on our GitHub repository in time for #mozfest.

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