All you need to know about our Walk-the-Plank pitch competition

We just sent out the details of the pitch competition to the participating startups. In this blog post you will find everything you need to know for our upcoming Walk-the-Plank pitch competition — from a list of partaking startups and the time-schedule to our very important pitching rules.

Walking the plank at Pirate Summit 2015. Image by Dan Taylor.

The start on the first day (Sept 6th) is at 10:30AM and last until 6:30PM. Please make sure to arrive at the Pirate Summit one hour prior to your slot and be in front of the pitch-stage (Crows nest) ten minutes before you’re scheduled. Please understand that times can’t be changed.

Rules and Notes (please read them carefully):

  1. Time on stage: You have 3 minutes to pitch and 2 minutes for Q&A afterwards
  2. Pitch deck format & deadline: Accepted format is PDF, no PPT(x), Keynote etc. The absolute deadline for sending your deck is Monday, August 28th, 11:59PM (CET). If we don’t receive it until then, we have to disqualify you from pitching unfortunately. Here is a good example of how a proper pitch deck can look like.
  3. Hardware & tools: You won’t need to bring your own laptop or a presenter on stage. Your deck will be ready and tested on our hardware.
  4. The judges: Up to five jury members will judge each pitch session (10 Startups per session) — all of them are actively looking for hot deals and are investing from seed to series A (incl. follow-ups). Please keep your answers in the Q&A session as precise & short as possible.

Evaluation categories: Your overall performance will be evaluated on these criteria:

  1. Business Model
  2. Market
  3. Product
  4. Team
  5. Traction/Growth

Once you’re done on stage, you’ll commence with a 30-minute mentoring sessions from successful entrepreneurs, investors and internationally known experts.

And here are the chosen startups, who will fight for the pitch prize: the personalized Pirates on a Plane VC-Tour to London and San Francisco with pre-scheduled VC-meetings. Of course, they will also receive 2 tickets for the event.

Here is the preliminary schedule:

Round 1
10:30 Jury Introduction
10:35 Om7Sense
10:40 POMP
10:45 Elaisian
10:50 4-check
10:55 iControl
11:00 rise technologies
11:05 9ineSports Network
11:10 Crayonic
11:20 Wingly

Round 2
11:30 Jury Introduction
11:35 Zera
11:40 Snaptivity
11:45 Landmrk
11:50 Roundabout Social Marketing
11:55 AdTriba
12:00 Nunki
12:05 Bee Smart Technologies
12:10 Chopsticks in the Apps
12:15 The Newsroom
12:20 GigList

Round 3
12:25 Jury Introduction
12:30 Dashmote
12:40 cogia intelligence
12:50 LogoGrab
12:55 3Fiftynine
13:05 purefood

Round 4
13:30 Jury Introduction
13:35 INZMO
13:40 Payr
13:45 Paylinko
13:50 Medicus AI
14:00 Unicorn Hunt
14:05 TalentAdore
14:10 Cardiomo
14:15 Duuoo

Round 5
14:30 Jury Introduction
14:35 Tubics
14:40 Stream Time
14:45 Relive
14:50 Wiredelta
14:55 Run An Empire
15:00 Combyne
15:05 Subba Media
15:10 Cuckuu

Round 6
15:30 Jury Introduction
15:35 Meemo
15:40 Includable
15:45 Nifty LAS
15:55 ShipVio
16:05 shipcloud
16:10 Movemates

Round 7
16:30 Jury Introduction
16:35 SnapSwap International
16:45 BlockEx
16:50 iTiZZiMO
17:00 XMetrics
17:05 ExpoCore
17:10 SoAmpli

Round 8
17:20 Jury Introduction
17:30 Toposens
17:35 VoxEra
17:40 Reaktor FPV One
17:50 Submer Technologies

Round 9
17:55 Jury Introduction
18:00 Meshville
18:05 Foodguide
18:10 Meeple Circus
18:15 Buah
18:20 Less too late
18:25 evleet
18:30 Ticketrunner
18:35 SOLOS Mirrors
18:40 Dotscene

We will send out a last minute briefing prior to the event, including a map of the venue and everything else you need to know. Make sure to be preparrred!

If you have any questions, shoot us an email. (