Introducing Inês — Ambassador of Portugal!

We would like to introduce our ambassadors of PIRATE Summit 2019 to you! Today you’ll get to know Inês Santos Silva, our ambassador of Portugal!

Who are you & where are you from?

Inês here, from Porto, Portugal! A long time ago I fell in love with startups and PIRATEs!

Describe your current job in a few sentences.

This is a hard question to answer because I’m always trying to build multiple things at the same time. I’m currently the Managing Partner at Aliados — The Challenges Consulting, an innovation consulting firm focused on solving and executing solutions for the core economic challenges, from the future of work to tech & impact entrepreneurship to sustainability and circular economy.

On the side, I’m also the Co-founder and Chief Activist at Portuguese Women in Tech, a community focus on attracting more women to tech and on supporting those that are already working in technology.

And I’m doing a few other things 😛

How often have you been to PIRATE Summit?

Once, in 2012! And I had a blast!

What was your best experience at PIRATE Summit that helped you personally or with your business?

In 2012, we were growing Startup Pirates, a one-week pre-accelerator program that I had co-founded with four friends the year before. There were a lot of important conversations at PIRATE Summit that led to our expansion in East Europe.

How would you describe the PIRATE Summit experience?

Completely unique. You really feel part of something the community. And the location also makes it special.

Please tell us the funniest/weirdest/most memorable story or situation you experienced at PIRATE Summit.

Seeing people literally walking the plank and pitching to investors! ARRR!!

If someone were to ask you “What makes PIRATE Summit worth to attend?” — what would your answer be?

The people! Amazing people coming from around Europe that love building companies.

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