Introducing Leon — Ambassador of BeNeLux!

We would like to introduce our ambassadors of PIRATE Summit 2019 to you! Today you’ll get to know Leon Pals, our ambassador of BeNeLux!

Who are you & where are you from?

My name is Leon and I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Describe your current job in a few sentences.

I often call myself the chairman, consultant and concierge at the Startup Foundation, as I basically do what needs to get done to sustain and grow the operation. And since we have a co-working space, that’s not just giving workshops at clients and conferences, but also simpler things like ordering groceries and supplies or fixing the wi-fi.

How often have you been to PIRATE Summit?

It must have been four times now.

What was your best experience at PIRATE Summit that helped you personally or with your business?

PIRATE Summit brings people from the startup community together, but I noticed that PIRATE Summit is especially good at bringing people with different cultures together. Through networking with these people, I learned how to engage with people from outside of my own culture. Apart from that PIRATE Summit is just an awesome experience with likeminded people.

How would you describe the PIRATE Summit experience?

PIRATE Summit is an intimate gathering of people from the wider startup community. It inspires, connects and allows you to get the value from a conference yet in a very relaxed way, including beer and BBQs.

Please tell us the funniest/weirdest/most memorable story or situation you experienced at PIRATE Summit.

I’m not sure I should share the weirdest and funniest moments, but the most memorable is as always the burning of the man, and let’s not forget the insanely cool venue.

If someone were to ask you “What makes PIRATE Summit worth to attend?” — what would your answer be?

The venue, weather, beers and bbq’s with your peers alone are already worth the trip, and pretty constant/guaranteed. Next to that, every year the crew does their very best to put up an inspiring and thought-provoking programming, and every year there’s a couple of nuggets you do not want to miss.

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