Introducing Stina — Ambassador of Nordics!

We would like to introduce our ambassadors of PIRATE Summit 2019 to you! Today you’ll get to know Stina Liland, our ambassador of Nordics!

Who are you & where are you from?
I am Stina, a traveller, burner, speaker, community builder and entrepreneur from Norway that is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Describe your current job in a few sentences.
I am the COO at a Swedish startup called Bitrefill. Bitrefill allows customers to purchase digital gift cards and telecom top-ups using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Our users “refill” more than 1.000 different consumer services in over 170 countries using cutting-edge blockchain technologies.

How often have you been to PIRATE Summit?
2019 will be my 5th year attending PIRATE Summit.

What was your best experience at PIRATE Summit that helped you personally or with your business?
All the amazing friends that I met. Some of my closest friends and advisors from the tech scene I met for the first time at PIRATE Summit.

How would you describe the PIRATE Summit experience?
It’s where you go to get to know talented and interesting people from the European tech scene at a deeper level, beyond the standard networking conversations that happen at other conferences. You’ll walk away with friends, not connections.

Please tell us the funniest/weirdest/most memorable story or situation you experienced at PIRATE Summit.
Having an evening of drinks and interesting conversations with new and old friends in a run down double-decker bus, that just happened to be parked at the venue.

If someone were to ask you “What makes PIRATE Summit worth to attend?” — what would your answer be?
The people!

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