PIRATE Summit 9.0

We ARRR back — Save the date — Tickets available now

As we’re writing these lines, we’re sitting in our office and staring out over a snowy and therefore white city of Cologne. If you’re a true PIRATE like us, you probably can’t wait for warmer weather and sunny summer days, either. Because for us, summer is not just the time of good weather, ice cream and vacation — summer to us is PIRATE Summit time!

And so it’ll be this year — PIRATE Summit will take place for the ninth time (boy, we’re getting old!) from June 26th to 28th.

The Burn & the Community— by Dan Taylor

In 2018 we launched into a journey that we titled “Back to the Roots” where we strived to re-focus on the original ideas and purpose of PIRATE Summit. With this we started making adjustments to our concept, especially the agenda formats and the overall message we wanted PIRATE Summit to encompass. Judging from the feedback we received for last year’s event (we received an all-time high score 🎉), we are on the right track and this year we’ll continue on our journey. We’ll tell you more about the changes in a blog post very soon.

Since we’re limited in space we can only accept 1.000 participants to join the event. In the past three years, we had to turn many folks down due to the venue limitations. This is what makes curation of participants so important.

Doing this curation internally though has its limits. We might not know which biases and filter bubbles we’re trapped in, which networks, people and categories we’re missing. And here’s where we’re making a change in 2019. Tickets for PIRATE Summit won’t be openly for sale at any point, instead they will only be released to those with an access code. The easiest way to receive such an access code is through a referral from one of our ambassadors or an already accepted participant. In this way we’re crowd-sourcing the curation and selection process with the ultimate goal of making our participant base more diverse.

Please keep in mind that even though there are multiple ways to access the registration form, you will still need to choose the right category and your application is subject to our approval.

Here are the four options to get a ticket for PIRATE Summit 2019:

Be a PIRATE Summit veteran

We are whitelisting past participants, so if you’ve been to PIRATE Summit before, you will have received an email with your personal access code. If you didn’t get the mail or don’t have access to your old email, contact Adriano (adriano@pirate.global).

Get referred by an existing participant

All participants with an access code have the chance to refer up to three people when they register for their ticket. Know someone with an access code? Make sure they put you on their referral list!

Reach out to a PIRATE ambassador

We have ambassadors all around the world that can open up the gates to register for a ticket. Reach out to your local ambassador here and convince them of why you’re worthy of joining!

Be lucky by joining our email list

On rare occasions we will open up small batches of tickets and send out access codes via our email list. We will still hand-check every applicant before accepting them. To stay in the loop, join our email list on the website.

We hope you’re at least as excited as we are about PIRATE Summit 2019!


Till & Manuel