Psst, it’s a secret — Your chance to get on stage at PIRATE Summit

The most frequent feedback we have received over the last seven year’s of organizing PIRATE Summit is the great networking and atmosphere we create. An atmosphere of trust and a level playing field between all participants.

We are very humbled as this is what we intended when we founded PIRATE Summit. That’s why we have the invitation-/application-only process, a no BS policy and treat everyone as VIP. That means no press seats, no speakers corner, no VIP areas.

One central selection criteria has always been: Does this participant have an interesting story to tell? Ideally, every participant is a potential speaker and every speaker is a participant.

Stavros, Manuel and Stefan discussing the future of PIRATE Summit.

To live even more up to this ideal we are introducing a new format: PIRATE Secrets. This will be a one hour session at the prime time spot, just before The Burn — Sept. 6th, 8.30pm. And it is your chance to get on stage at PIRATE Summit.

This is how PIRATE Secrets works: You have 5 minutes to share a meaningful story of your entrepreneurial journey that only a few people know. This could be failures, but might as well be great success stories or insightful learnings. For example giving insights into an acquisition/exit process, a behind the scenes of a funding round, a burn-out, firing/hiring employees, acquiring a big client, your most impactful pivot etc. What we definitely don’t want to hear is a sales pitch of any kind.

If you want to share your secret at PIRATE Summit please contact Nia ( with a short description of what you want to talk about.