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martes 6 de diciembre 2016
Baltimore Ave. 48th St. Filadelfia

September 21, 2016 Phladelphia walking on my way to Chinatown to take bus to NY
Septmeber 21, 2016 on my way to Philly Chinatown Bus on my way to NY
September 21, 2016 LES, NY
September 22, 2016 LES, NY

“This includes practices of studying, representing and telling stories about cities; it also involves ways of sensing, feeling and experiencing their spaces differently, and with contesting ‘proper’ orderings of space to allow something ‘other’ to emerge. Characterizing this experimentation within academia is not only interdisciplinarity or transdisciplinarity, in recognition that understanding cities necessarily requires diverse perspectives and cannot be the province of any one discipline alone. Also important is a growing dialogue and interconnection between academia, artists, cultural workers and activists, and between critical and creative practices. The search for tactics, spatial practices and modes of expression with which to explore urban culture is leading to an increasing turn to work traditionally associated with the creative and performing arts and with the inventiveness of activist groups, and now permeating all sorts of critical endeavour. The traffic has not been one-way, with theoretical discourses about cities and the production of urban space in turn feeding into and underpinning much creative practice.5 Yet practices across this field also owe much to many earlier activities. This is both in the form of writings by the likes of Walter Benjamin, Michel de Certeau, Henri Lefebvre, the surrealists and situationists, and in terms of the long histories of attempts to transgress boundaries between art and everyday space, to explore the street and public realm through artistic practice.6” -David Pinder

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