A quiet hush falls upon the world when the fog rolls in and softly coats the view. Our eyes take in the stillness as our ears hear the leaves rustle with the ever slight breeze.

Stillness; a luxury so few embrace. The hectic world calls them away from seeking the quiet until nature pulls the blanket of dusk, fog, haze, and moonbeams into play.

There among the natural surroundings one can gather their racing thoughts and place them into their own space and relaxin to the calmness and fortitude that solitude brings to the. soul.

Often the duties we choose to partake upon encroach on our alone time. Even breaks are spent zipping past without a calm or quiet moment.

These times catch up to us in an overburdened and exhausted mindset. Hectic ally rushing from one project to the next until we lose our emotional strength and tear into someone who spoke bluntly or rudely.

Our calm inner peace vacated when we forgot to fill it with private, peaceful refueling of our inner sanctuary.

A empty vessel cannot continue to pour heathy contents out if replenishing ceases to happen.

What are you doing to stay the emotional bankruptcy in your soul?

Take time to catch a sunrise or sunset, lookup into the sky and notice the cloud formations, feel the breeze as you close your eyes and feel the falls in upon your cheeks, or look at the foggy lights as the evening draws nearer to the chilliness of wanting a warm fire.

Each time you mindfully stop the noise of life so your own mind is rested, you fill your reserve which gives you further strength to give to those hurting near you. Go ahead, rest. -just a thought by Pamela

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