Doing Your Best…or is it?

“It helps if you remember that everyone is doing their best

from their level of consciousness”. Deepak Chopra

This statement, while encouraging us to have compassion on others in the journey we travel does not excuse the behavior of those who seek to hurt others in whatever form. We do not just say to a man who has murdered his children and wife, “He is just doing his best at his level of consciousness” NO! It is wrong to hurt another and letting them slip through the non-judgment cracks should NEVER reinforce that. There is a place to stand up and say this is wrong. Their behavior will dictate whether someone is ‘doing’ their best or dropping the ball so to speak. 
 People whom, out of malicious intent cause pain and harm to another human need to be put in their place. There is a right and wrong in the treatment of others and there is a good and a bad way to handle every circumstance. I am not immune to making mistakes about how I react or act. I am, however, willing to learn from my mistakes. Are you? 
The very act of compassion can be taken out of context as well. We can love the human and hate their action, but so many now say that out of habit rather than the actual ‘loving’. Do you fall into that category? 
 From the perspective of those who are healing in their lives…compassion is needed. The compassion needed for others cannot come from a frozen heart that moves from habit. 

 Are you awake? Do you create mischief out of boredom? Do you seek to judge others who have done you no harm? Do you not see healing in those around you? Questions to ask…yes…questions that might have answers or just spark a thought. 
 Everyone is fighting their own battle…hidden or not…with their feelings or emotions or an actual fight to survive experience…who are we to them? Do we injure them on their path of life? DO we throw stones at their backs or in their faces? Do we intend to deliver evil when no evil was given? 
 So, then, remember, everyone is doing their best…but not everyone will do their best from their place in this world. My advice: Be mindful. Be mindful of those you can trust, careful in your words, and always…always…watch your own steps so you can see indeed…whether you are showing compassion or judgment.

~Just a random passing thought from Pamela