End of the First Week: Transform

The week ended with some interesting changes. I ended up feeling sick on the weekend, so my workout ceased to allow my body to rest.

The great event of the week: my physical therapist discharged me tonight. I am now on my way to healing fully. I was given three more exercises to do which will keep my ankle on the upside.

The suggestion was to do three step workouts a week, not every day in a row. I needed to vary it so my ankle is not pressured. She said, “Try it again in March, and see if you can increase it to three days in a row, then four as the months pass” and my PT helped me realize I am self-caring by listening to my body and ‘making it my own.’

Today was a great milestone in my steps. I ticked off over 11,000 steps, a great improvement from two months ago, when I could hardly walk. I was able to practice balancing on my right foot, thankfully using a bar to catch myself. 30 seconds felt like a lifetime, however, there was no pain, which was encouraging.

My movements are all within normal range and match my left foot/ankle. It is encouraging to keep healing!

The week’s highlight was the workout I did today, the weights I was able to lift, and the stamina I kept up despite the tiredness I felt from the sickness.

I am thankful, so thankful for a fresh start for my body, the focus to self-care during the challenge, and the knowledge to settle myself to doing what I can, not what the program says I have to do. Without freedom to work with my body, I would be a robot. I am by all means, not a robot!

Photo by Kanta Yamagata on Unsplash

I feel stronger.





These five words come from the ability to trust the process, not force it into a mold demanded by others. It means, as I build muscles and strength, my body will follow and I will, indeed, go on to conquer marathons.

~Just a thought by Pamela