My Master’s: The First 12 Months.

I sit here, really, wondering why I am starting this tiny blog, when I have a discussion post to write and of course two research papers which include a case study…but instead, I thought I would write this small paragraph or two and share something profound:

I have my clinical voice showing up in my work, in my writing, and in my personal life. I have found a place where I work: I educate men on domestic violence, and do brief interventions during my domestic violence assessments. This has all taken place in the past 12 months.

I was accepted at Concordia University for my Master’s in Professional Counseling/Addictions in April and began classes in May of 2016. In a couple weeks, I will roll into a full year of work. Papers, research, reading, bias striping, and details of my own feelings poured into my work. This helped me dig my soul out from the pile of dusty pain-filled memories and created a clean slate for me to begin writing my legacy. Oh, I fall victim to my thinking at times, and wonder what am I doing! But, it does not last long. I still research more than most and find my textbook is only a guide to greater finds in the online library system I live in when I am not reading real-to-the-touch books. I was told by several who I call friends, to not overdue it. Not push myself. Not to do more than needed; yet, if I were to stop doing ‘me’ in how I write, study, research and write some more, wouldn’t I then, shortchange myself?

Therefore, this little blog has expanded beyond two paragraphs, as usual. However, in this small sampling of writing I wish to capitalize on one thought: No matter what you do, do it with all you have. Giving it YOUR 100% is far more important than giving it your friend’s 95% or your other classmate’s 75%. Your 100% is exactly what you have and if your 100% is actually someone’s 75% and yours feels like 1000% to them, this is okay! Everyone gives what they can to their studies. I’m not ashamed to give my full 100% even when I know it is 1000% of my life blood. I may get tired, but at the end of the day, when I reread my paper: I breathe with satisfaction of a job well done. ~Just a Thought by Pamela

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