New Laptop, New Focus

Today, I begin tapping my quick-witted fingers nimbly across the keyboard, just as I learned in the 7th grade typing class. Click, click, click. The only difference, is the model I am typing on (Mac book Pro, Retina Screen, 15 inch) versus the old, black manual I pounded upon with white circles where the letters and numbers hid. The practice, so long ago, helps me glide across the typewriter’s keyboard with ease, and producing a high number between 75–125 words per minute, slacking due to thinking.

I think best when I type. It is a weird feeling to not type the words out as I think them. Good old fashioned handwriting used to be my go-to until my hand surgeries. Typing became less painful, and with the five years of academic university writing, I became accustomed to the movement of thoughts and fingers in a dance of words.

My MAC-BOOK PRO and Medium draft
I laugh with recognition of the statement, “Don’t you have another one of these in your apartment” (You’ve Got Mail)…to which, the writer states, “I needed a back up!” I laugh. Can you really have too many computers, laptops, typewriters? Indeed. Hence my upgrade and my ability to let go of my MAC AIR. An easy change, actually.

I stated my education with a $288.00 computer from Walmart in 2011. Slower, heavier, and ugly, it filled a purpose, was gifted to me from a best friend, and I wrote on it many of my first academic research papers. All of them, garnering a grade A. Boasting; maybe a little.

In contrast, my computers have sped up, my typing matching the speed, and my thoughts racing with a new idea, new concept, or a new focus when writing. I love it. It is freeing to write without waiting for a grade; panicking then receiving the A…and everyone else says, “Don’t you get bored getting A’s all the time?” HA~ No. I work hard for those grades, don’t let the A’s fool you.

Writing is personal, for me. It is my way of expressing myself with a variety or words without having to be direct, blunt, and painful. Typing slowly puts the concept together and as I write, it becomes clearer to me. When I would write my academic papers, most of the time, they were formulated in my mind, prior to the first draft (sometimes, only one draft). I learned to let a paper set, and the return to it, so I can catch mistakes, missing words, or complete chaos in the writing. Once I moved into using a grammar editor, I learned to see a new way to write. I love it!

Today, as I sit on my bed, with my laptop, tapping away at the keys, I am peacefully blessed. I read much, think much, and type much in my life. Now, I am adding to the world of words with my thoughts, minus the professor’s view, and from a creative juncture of life. Blessed, indeed!

My hand, my hand brace, and my camo jacket, 2019

I struggle with hand pain, so writing can be challenging. I wear a brace now and then to help protect my thumb joint, and I realized yesterday, how much it is shifting and causing me pain. Today, however, it is calm and my writing goes without a hitch, probably landing me in the higher type-speed range.

How about you? What do you struggle with as the days go by? Do you overcome them with the creative energy you have or do you put the creative energy on hold while you ‘overthink’ areas in your life?

I love capturing my thoughts in the word and I share them here; hoping to help one person find one idea and change their lives.

~Just a thought by Pamela