One day you waken your sleepy self and walk into the world of wonder and light. There on the path, the safe path, with sides to guide you, you journey.

Today, though, something strange has happened. The fence line that held you in a safe place was no longer there. All along the trail, the beginnings of the fence line, vacantly missing, have you wondering which way to go. There, in this moment, this moment of freedom, you stand in awe and wonder.

Freedom or fear? the Fence line offered protection from those who would enter your circle of safety.

The fence line was there to protect you from straying too far this way or too far that way. In your zeal for the day, your heart stops in its tracks as you see, before you, an empty space now filled with sunlight and shadows. It is in this new era you are to move.

Fence lines broken, barriers to your inner soul gone, waking up to a new dawn of life. You are no longer held in bondage to the fence line that protected you, yet also alienated you from the outside.

Now, you realize you are free to move between the zones for you trust yourself to make the best choices. No longer do you need a fence to tell you how far to go. No, you are now wise enough to walk the path without the barriers. It is now, now in this journey you can so walk and feel the freedom of movement.

  1. Never fear your space
  2. Never doubt your moves
  3. Never retreat without a good cause
  4. Always, always, always remember you can choose your path
  5. Always, always, always know you can turn around at any given time
  6. Always, always, ALWAYS know your space, moves, retreats, choices all will not only be yours, but will affect all those who come along in your journey. Be wise.

So, now, this fence line is gone, this holding to protect you have vanished, so now, now in this path you must make a choice. This is a new day. Your actions, choices, and retreats will affect all those along your journey. You are strong enough to make the wise choices, to keep your inner circle safe, to be wise enough to let only those in who are worthy. This, now, is the freedom you have. No fences, no myth, no walls, no doubts, no chains, no strings……just you. ~Just a thought from Pamela

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason why it was put up.” G.K. Chesterman

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