Snowy Day and I want Coffee

I am at work, on my break and usually I run out and grab a coffee to share with my husband who works not far from me. Today, the snow is happily floating down from the grey-white skies.

It’s okay, actually. As I was walking across the parking lot toward my office around ten in the morning, I thought about the beautiful day (still cloudy) and how much I love the crisp air. I was thinking it was such a great day to be alive, and how much snow made it prettier, but I was thankful it wasn’t snowing.

And so it started about fifteen minutes after I sat down… snow. A client said I jinxed the weather…oh well…yay snow!

It is sticking now and the flakes a much bigger. Boldly floating onto the earth defying any chance at rain.

At the moment, I am thankful.

Instead of slipping and hurting myself on ice and snow, I made my own cup of Chai tea, dirty with leftover coffee from early in the morning. Not too bad! Except the Starbucks cup I was using almost caught on fire in the microwave.

Yeah, one of those days.

I sit here thankful for so much, (like not causing a fire) and more, such as the way I interact with clients, draw them out and hear their stories. I think the gift of listening and connecting comes naturally for me and I am ever so grateful for the hours I spent ‘hearing’ others rather than myself.

Empathy seriously provides a tool to reach lives.

I listen to stories for my work. I hear their pain, rejection, anger, mistrust, sorrow, and loss. I hear their drama which keeps them cycling back through hard times and I hear them say things like, “I am trying to get my life in order” and I calmly let them know, “we can help you one step at a time” “we provide you the tools and you are the one who gets to use them” so I pass on the words of wisdom: “It’s what you do next that matters: Choose Wisely” to which I heard, I am gonna put that in the bathroom mirror. I use the bathroom a lot.”

I read criminal complaints for my work. More stories, however, they are in a form where the client becomes a perpetrator and the victim the partner he is either separated from, divorcing, or living with at the moment. It is a picture into the trauma which took place, most of the time at night. Many times, alcohol or drugs are involved. When alcohol or drugs are not involved, I find the ego is inflated and narcissistic attitudes are present.

A part of my work I find fascinating.

The snow keeps falling and I keep relaxing during my break. I am a workhorse. I dislike breaks. I prefer to keep at it and steamroller through everything I need to accomplish! Unreasonable pressure on myself, I have readjusted and now I know I have a place to write: On Medium. Where I can share life, lived, explored, and shared.

The snow continues.

Maybe tomorrow it will be a winter wonderland and I can cuddle in my blankets and watch Netflix and chill. I feel like a Supernatural marathon is in order as we wait for the next season to be released. I am a Supernatural junkie. I am not ashamed. It is my one and only vice I believe I have! No, I don’t carry salt around with me, but when something is interesting, I immediately think of the show.

Thank you for venturing along with me in my day. It has been a gift to share and find ways to express my creative side.

Just a thought by Pamela