Tea Leaves in the Attic

Attic Coffee Shop, Green Bay, WI

Jangles and jingles greet the ear as I open the door to the Attic, the place where coffee, tea, and used books linger alongside chairs, tables, and a larger than life chess set. On the corner of Bodart Street, and across from the Whitney Park and Shelter, a simple, down-to-earth coffee place evokes a sense of communion. Couples meet and share a cup of coffee, laugh, and engage with each other over the events of the day. Others meet up to ignite a new relationship, the hopes of tomorrow sparked by the connection of today…The idea behind the title, well, is apparent if one thinks about the contents in the attics. Old things tossed upstairs, pushed out of sight and mind until eventually they are shared with family, friends, and others after years of collecting dust. Here, the bookstore seems to share the idea, come, sit awhile and read a book, one from the past, littered with the echoes of someone’s hand print, words, like the memories in the attic, waiting to be shared.

Friends meet too, and order their coffee, or rather, their Chai Tea Latte in a joyful white take out cup, with the Attic splashed across it in faded print, the other, given a grande rust orange ceramic mug, filled to the brim with a Dirty Chai. We sit, I share my switch up and she laughs, I ordered a Chai, too! Ah the gift of synchronicity.

Nikki and Pamela, 2019 Personal Photo

Laughter reigns, seriousness rears its face, and then sits in its place as subject bantering begins. We share thoughts, feelings, concerns, and joys. We laugh at the timing of life and how quickly we see the connections. We believe. We trust. We are genuine.

There is no need to pretend when you bring your honest self to the table. No slight variations to your personality need show up, nope, the real deal presents itself and you realize this is a good thing! The friendship is a real deal, a delightful break from the drama of life. Synchronicity at it’s finest.

Someone sits down, next to our table, however, other than their white hair, they are neither here nor there. We engage, laugh, and whisper some silliness only we ‘get’ and then of course, the whole of diagnosis. Freely, we laugh again and this time, it’s a relief! We are not on the clock, and time ticks away without any interruptions.

Teapots, though, capture our thoughts for a moment. Disengaging from the realness of communication, we look at the colors and the varieties of teakettles. Teals, blues, purples, black, white, and red shout out they want to come home and our sentiment matches: I don’t drink enough tea to have teakettle. True. However, the brighter tea captured her eye and mine, sparkled with the lighter teal. Synchronicity; at work, yet again.

I suppose one thing to keep in mind, is life sends you signals. Some of them siren red and others are a muted, softer tones, of tans or grays. The next step is to become aware. After my visit at the coffee house, and the friendship sharing I returned home to write. Working on my computer and compiling information, I checked my 365 Days to Clear email, read it, and the words, “What things have been bubbling up? What Synchronizations have entered your life this week?” and I sat there, stunned. For the words above all encompass the synchronicity of life and lesson number 7 further reminds me, we are all here for a reason, and the synchronizations of life help us maneuver through blind spots, when we want to close our eyes to possibilities. So, I ask you, readers, what captured your mind during the past seven days, which you need to work on, focus on, or shift from?

~Just a Thought by Pamela